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Why choose Rose Appraisal?

We Listen

Rose Appraisal listens to our clients and believes that listening is the most important aspect of communication.  Once we fully understand your goals and expectations, we are better prepared to respond and deliver.  That begins with listening. 

We Communicate

Rose Appraisal takes pride in accurately and immediately communicating with our clients.  We believe that communication is imperative to running an effective, efficient and successful business, as well as being the primary avenue to teaching, learning, and growing.  

We Deliver Results

Rose Appraisal is Responsive, delivers reports On-time, protects and keeps your information Secure, and constantly seeks to enhance and improve upon our Efficient operation.  We believe we must over-deliver on our promises to our clients.         

Meet the talented team

Kyle Pennebaker

Founder & Appraiser​

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Samuel West

Marketing Director

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Tamron Jens

Business Development Manager

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Paul Edwards

Web Designer

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Sammy Cook

Product Manager

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Kirsten Jones

Product Assistant

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